What to Consider when Planning a Single Story Extension

What to Consider when Planning a Single

What to Consider when Planning a Single Story Extension

The beginning stages of planning any type of extension build are a crucial element of executing a successful, cost effective, and if you are a contracted builder or architect, profitable plan. Ensuring that you build a competitive and realistic estimate can make or break your projects success.

From buying your material, to determining labour. Estimating the amount of time the project will take to complete. Even determining if the job you are considering is. Constructible and profitably feasible is a consideration to take into account. Which is why providing a solid and accurate estimate to a potential client is key. Ensuring you, and your businesses success.

When to Consider Outsourcing your Estimate

When should outsourcing an online estimator be considered? Always! Builders are contracted to build, architects are contracted to design and estimators, are contracted to (yes you guessed it!) Estimate. It just simply makes the best sense to outsource your estimates to a professional.

Outsourcing your estimate with My Build Estimate will take the pain and meticulous planning of creating a sensible and viable estimate away. This will leave you with the time to do what you as a contracted builder or architect does best. Planning and building the structure. Imagine how many more quotes you can get through quickly if your estimate is outsourced? Bogging down your time with the financial facts and figures is an unnecessary time wasting task. By leave your company in the dust while the competition lands your contracts.

Fatal Estimate Mistakes

When potential clients view an estimate, the first obvious thing they look for is the bottom line, cost. That being said, being able to offer an estimate with a competitive edge is vital. On the flip side, an over zealous low-ball estimate can be fatal to your profit earnings, and can scare off potential clients.

The majority of people seeking to embark on the financial decision to add any type of build work to their home or business will do their homework and use multiple online estimators. Roughly 9 out of 10 people already have a ballpark estimate in mind of the general price range they are going to be quoted by an architect and/or builder. A low-ball estimate can set off multiple red flags to prospective clients. It should also be setting off red flags for you! If it seems to low, chances are, you have either calculated wrong or more often than not have missed an expense all together. This can leave you time pressed to find your error and recalculate your estimate.

Saving Time, Money and Headaches

My Build Estimate diminishes the cost, time and frustration this causes. The estimate experts at My Build Estimate guarantees, an accurate, practical and fully executable estimate within 5 days of the day you submit your build plans. Ensuring that your build runs smoothly. Ending with above par results that will prove mutually beneficial to both your business and your client, further strengthening your reputation as a dependable and cost worthy builder, contractor, or architect.


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