Why outsourcing your estimate is a good idea

At My Build Estimate, we can provide a wide range of people – including builders, contractors, architects, project managers, self-builders and renovators – with accurate estimates for how much their building or construction project will financially cost. Outsourcing your own such estimate to us can have a wealth of benefits… but what exactly are those benefits? Below, we explain further…

Different benefits for different people

Precisely how outsourcing that estimate could assist you will likely depend on the role that you will have in the building or construction project. If, for example, you are a builder, you most probably just want to get stuck straight into the on-site work rather than fumble around with paperwork in the hope of calculating a precise but competitive estimate. Similarly, contractors might want to avoid this in favour of taking care of their usual day-to-day corporate responsibilities.

Architects, meanwhile, can provide even better value customer service once we have handed them a detailed, full cost breakdown pre-tender. So, when these architects’ clients start asking how much these services will cost, a confident answer can be forthcoming. In fact, even if you’re doing your own DIY project, such as a home renovation, a loft conversion or a completely new build home, you can readily benefit from our build estimate services, thanks to our highly competitive rates.

You can get an estimate that is neither too low nor too high

Of course, when a potential client looks over your estimate, they will be checking that the price doesn’t go over their budget. And, naturally, they will want to make savings where they can; if another company offers the same services as you, but at a lower price, the client probably won’t stay with you unless your reputation is better than that of your rival. Therefore, your estimate really needs to be competitive!

However, this isn’t your cue to provide an estimate that is ridiculously low. Instead, you have to strike a balance; an overly low estimate could provoke the client’s concern that you have either miscalculated that estimate or even completely overlooked a particular expense that you might have to add later. No-one appreciates being misled about how much they will have to pay for a project. And, of course, handing a client an extra expense later could lead them to complain about this “hidden charge”.

Professional help can make a genuine difference

For all that we’ve just said, you could remain interested in putting together your own estimate. Indeed, there are plenty of sources of advice online for doing this. Such advice is dispensed particularly generously by The Self Build Portal, the recommendations of which include adding a 10-20% contingency to your estimate in order to cushion any unexpected costs.

Another alternative for getting an estimate is turning to an online estimator that pledges to provide an estimate once you have submitted a few details; you can find one such calculator here. However, our thorough experience in reaching estimates for building and construction projects can result in appreciably greater accuracy.


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