10 Cool Uses for Your Garden Shed

If you love a spot of DIY from time to time, like many of the self-builders who regularly turn to us for accurate and reliable building cost estimates, you likely also have a garden shed where you keep your equipment. But that shed can have many other, more eccentric uses…


If you work from home, an office at the bottom of your garden can provide a wonderful level of peace and privacy. Whether you want to work, study, read or write, you can comfortably do it in this.


Reading can be a very peaceful pastime – and, if you’re a bookworm, it can be even more so when many of your books are stored on rows of shelves in your shed, a good setup for some private reading. We would, however, recommend that the shed is insulated.

Animal house

Pets of many types can enjoy spending time in a shed that has been especially equipped for their comfort. Guinea pigs or rabbits, for example, can be kept warm here without stinking up or messing up the house. Alternatively, a dog could play with its toys here.

Music room

Yes, that shed could make an ideal place for enjoying music. That can apply whether the music is as loud as a disco – you might want to sound-proof the shed in that instance – or more quiet and calm, therefore being especially suited to an isolated and private setting.


Add a bar, a few glasses, a beer fridge, some comfy seating and a jukebox. After maybe also throwing in some mood lighting and an optic or two, you could have a great retreat for garden parties – even when it’s raining outside.

Ice cream parlour

Forget alcohol – imagine how fun it could be to sell different flavours of ice cream in your shed, or even make the ice cream! We think this idea could be an especially big hit with the kids – just watch as they invite their friends around…

Games room

Fitting a table for pool or table tennis into your shed might be too much of a stretch, but there remain plenty of other options for turning your shed into a games room. You could put some board games in there, or maybe even a PlayStation 4.

Indoor swimming pool

It’s increasingly common for people to fit small swimming pools into their garden sheds. Furthermore, a shed-covered pool is, financially, much less expensive to fit than a conventional pool. With luck, everything should go swimmingly for you…

Chinese temple

RedShed has cited the example of Colin Miles, who has built a shed in the appearance of – yes – a Chinese temple. A lick of paint gave the shed traditional Chinese colours while Chinese calligraphy has helped to finish the look.

Giant teapot replica

In a similarly lovably bonkers move, Ian Hunter used recycled materials to build a shed shaped like a teapot. The teapot handle was given steps to the shed’s upper part – though, more conventionally, the shed has been used for drying timber.

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