5 Great Apps for Builders This Year

Does everyone have their own smartphone or tablet these days? It can certainly feel like it. Furthermore, mobile devices obviously have great appeal for many builders; Sage Software has found that 48% of construction firms use mobile technology to access customer and job information, 38% for daily field reports and 30% for timekeeping. Such devices were also found to be popular for putting together drawings and schedules. Here are just five of many mobile apps that, at My Build Estimate, we would eagerly recommend to builders.

Timesheet Mobile

Whether you run or work for a construction company, you could definitely find a great use for Timesheet Mobile. Available for iPhones and Android devices, it basically enables workers to provide information that can help their employers to keep better track of them. So, an employee can use Timesheet Mobile to record how much time they have spent on customer sites and jobs, add notes and mileage, and use Check Point to supply mid-shift details. The employee can even be alerted as a reminder to clock in and out.

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Autodesk BIM 360 Docs

Given Autodesk’s established reputation for useful construction apps, the great quality of Autodesk BIM 360 Docs, actually first released only earlier this year, should come as little surprise. It’s a cloud-based document management app which can ensure that an entire project team is always using the latest and most relevant documents, plans and models. There’s also no limit to the number of users who can access, while in the office or on a construction site, the same document pool in the cloud.


Fall Safety Pro

Builders can often have to work in high places – as a result of which, the possibility of falling can pose a persistent danger. However, Fall Safety Pro can literally prove a lifesaver. It’s currently available only for iPhone and iPad – an Android version is still waiting in the wings as we write this. However, the app can use the device’s accelerometer to detect a fall and, upon this detection, trigger an audible alarm before alerting the device user’s emergency contacts by text, email and voice message.


FTQ360 Inspection System

Downloading this app could genuinely help you to improve your abilities as a builder. It provides access to over 150 quality checklists and can assist you in boosting safety and subcontractor performance in particular. If it’s your cost estimates that you feel are in urgent need of improvement, you can give us the responsibility of calculating your cost estimates and, in doing so, make use of our thorough experience and expertise.

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Photo Measures

Available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, Photo Measures can be described in a pretty straightforward manner: it allows you take photos on your device and then note dimensions on the actual images. You can also export those dimensions by email or to a photo library. Uses for this app can include recording accurate dimensions of a wall to assess whether it would be worth knocking down to make way for an extension.

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