What to Consider Before going ahead with a House Extension

If you have grown to require more residential space, extending the current home can be more appealing than moving to a new, larger one. After all, it could work out to be less financially expensive, while you could stay in an area that you like and continue to have your children attend the same school. However, there remain various crucial issues that, for the most effective and hassle-free extension project, you must consider carefully before you go ahead.


Think carefully to ensure that your investment goes further

One big reason not to opt for a house move instead is the often hefty burden of stamp duty. Particularly if your current house is relatively expensive, you could find that, once you have calculated the fees you would have to pay for selling the property and those for the house you are considering purchasing, the total cost of moving outweighs that of an extension.


However, avoiding stamp duty certainly isn't the only way in which you can save money with an extension. You can continue to trim the costs by putting meticulous thought into the extension itself, even if you intend it to be very modest in size. By way of example, if you're currently thinking of a two-storey extension, stop to consider whether a single storey would really serve you just as well while saving you the extra money, time and work that would be necessary for a second storey.


Get in touch with someone who has had a similar extension

Rush into the project and you could suddenly stumble across various implications of arranging for an extension which you had been utterly unaware of. For this reason, it'd be wise to seek the opinions of someone who has gone for the kind of extension you are now mulling over.


They could not only help you to discern whether it'd be suitable in your instance, but also recommend - or, indeed, advise against - a particular builder or tradesman. They could also advise how much time to allocate to different tasks and provide an array of other tips. So, if there's a specific style or feel of extension that you are especially attracted to, you could bring this up; your new-found advisor might be able to point out some of the pitfalls. Your first choice of style could, for example, turn out to be beyond your budget - which brings us nicely onto...


How much will the whole project cost?

There are many different variables that you have to take account of here, and you could be excused for feeling daunted about this number-crunching exercise. However, turn to the My Build Estimate website and you can be well on the way to getting an accurate estimate for how much that extension really will set you back. We are an online estimator who can really help you out. Just load up our Estimate Form, fill it in and then follow the on-screen instructions. Outsourcing this estimate to one of our specialists can save you time while helping you to confidently plan ahead on expert advice.

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