10 Simple Home Improvement Tips for Summer

If you were considering giving your home a makeover this autumn or winter, we think you should stop to consider whether you’d be better off bringing forward your home improvement project. There are various home improvement methods which can be best done during the warm summer months; below, we outline just a few of them, and also how we can help…


Clear out the gutters

During the previous autumn and winter, your gutters probably saw a grime build-up resulting from rotting leaves. If so, you can prevent damage to your gutters by cleaning them out. In fact, we reckon this is one of the first home improvement jobs you should carry out while summer is here; after all, you don’t want the hassle of having to replace damaged gutters.



You might already be considering repainting parts of your home, especially if you’ve spotted some flaking paint. However, even if you originally thought your home didn’t need repainting, you could be surprised by how much repainting it with light colours – both inside and out – leaves your humble abode looking brighter and airier. Doors, walls and window sills could all especially benefit.


Install some outdoor lighting 

Summer is obviously a time when many of us are likely to spend more time using our gardens – and, if you plan to invite friends and family over for a few outdoor parties, you can make your own garden more welcoming by adding some outdoor lighting to it. It’s ultimately up to you what kind of outdoor lighting you use where, but you could find that fairy lights are especially effective in trees, while small lamps placed along the edge of a driveway or pathway can be similarly pleasant.


Install energy efficient windows

This has various advantages; it can lower your residence’s carbon footprint, trim the costs of your energy bills, and even boost your property’s value. As this job will call for you to spend a lot of time outside, you might as well do it while the weather’s still warm. However, make sure you get an accurate estimate for how much installing energy efficient windows will financially cost you.


Restore garden furniture to great condition

If you have outdoor furniture that is looking a bit tatty, perhaps due to having been left out during harsh winter weather, you could take a closer look at that furniture to see how you could restore it to a beautiful condition. Even just a brief amount of time spent painting it could go far.


Add some garden furniture

On the other hand, maybe you feel that the garden furniture you have, whether or not it’s in a state of disrepair, isn’t good enough for your current needs – or at least not by itself. In that case, there’s nothing wrong with getting some new furniture. Lots of good, comfy chairs in particular would be convenient should you host a barbecue and invite friends and family around to enjoy it.


Spruce up the garden with some new plants

Even if you’re not an avid gardener, you could be surprised by how much you enjoy choosing some plants to grow in parts of your garden that could, let’s just say, be calling for a bit more visual appeal. You could soon be unleashing your inner Alan Titchmarsh or Kim Wilde – and, speaking of which, that singer-turned-gardener has several tips for improving a garden with little fuss.


Get a smart thermostat like Nest

With the wrong thermostat, your energy bills could become uncomfortably expensive during summer or your residence could feel too hot after you return from a lengthy working day. A smart thermostat system could help you to avoid both problems; Nest, for example, can learn your personal habits and preferences and automatically adjust itself accordingly.


Let in the light!

Summer is a good time to look around your house and, specifically, at your window blinds to see if they are really taking good advantage of the seasonal abundance of natural light. You could find that some blinds block out too much of that light, or simply lack the kind of appealing patterns that can make your home look better when the sunlight shines through them.


Install a home security camera

You probably, like many of us, like to spend a lot of time travelling during summer. Having a home security camera integrated with your smartphone and installed in your home before you leave can enable you to keep an eye on your home while you’re away.

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