5 Quick Ways to Add Value to Your Home

We’d all love to buy our dream home; however, to be able to do that yourself, you might need to spend time tinkering with your existing home to enhance its value before selling it. After all, that’s how you can get further up that property ladder! And, thankfully, improving your home in this manner doesn’t necessarily call for lots of extra time or financial outlay. Here are just 5 ways in which you could boost your property’s value with much less fuss than you might have expected.


Fix as many superficial defects as possible

What exactly are we defining as “superficial defects” here? Well, they could include peeling paint, squeaking doors, dripping taps, broken windows, loose tiles, and cracks in the ceiling or plasterwork. Many little issues like these could, collectively, prevent you commanding the highest possible price for your home. You might be able to address these issues yourself if you have the expertise, but be sure to get an accurate estimate for how much the necessary DIY work will cost.


Give your bathrooms a speedy makeover

Bathrooms are, of course, there to make people clean; therefore, it is crucial that your own home’s bathrooms each exhibit an image of great freshness and hygiene. You can better ensure this by making sure that each of those rooms are adequately lit and have walls of a neutral, light shade. Also, check that there is a shower, which most buyers consider essential, in at least one of the bathrooms, and that the flooring is clean and hygienic. Don’t use carpet for that flooring!


Revamp your garden as well

You could be surprised how much a visually appealing, tidy and pleasingly-designed garden could enhance your property’s value. You should make a particular priority of improving the garden’s feeling of privacy; adding some extra fences and trees could help you here. If you feel that doing this would take you too much time, you could just stick to basic tasks such as cleaning up litter, weeding, feeding the lawn, and cutting back shrubs and trees that have become overgrown.


Tweaking the home’s outer appearance

Don’t underestimate the extent to which negative first impressions could deter people from buying your house. Like it or not, many potential buyers could make their minds up before they get out of their car. Hence, you should look over the building’s exterior in preparation for carrying out required tasks for making that exterior look its best. These tasks could include changing or repairing windows, repainting doors, taking away stone cladding, and replacing a house number.


Set aside more space for storage

Take just a brief walk through your house, and you might notice quite a few spare spaces that could be put to storage purposes. For such spaces, you could – for example – make cupboards by fitting doors. When looking for spare spaces, keep a particular eye out for spaces under the stairs, in the cellar, under the bathtub or above sinks. You might also be able to spot other spaces elsewhere.

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