13 Things About Builders You May Not Have Known


13 Things About Builders You May Not Have Known, Whether you are a builder yourself, are considering becoming one, or regularly outsource tasks to builders, there are quite a few notable facts about builders that might have escaped your notice.

  1. Builders can meet a wide range of people

The Plotr website sheds light on the great variety of jobs in the construction and engineering sectors, which include not only builders, but also electricians, writers, designers, civil engineers, project managers, health and safety advisors and more.

  1. Builders also see a lot of the world

Builders can get plenty of opportunities to travel, as UK construction firms are in demand in various countries. It’s a delight to know that these companies are well-regarded globally.

  1. Builders can easily see the impact of their work

Construction firms can take on work of huge scale – and, as a result, once a builder has finished their work on a project, they can see the fruits of their labours for years afterwards.

  1. Builders help in the fight against climate change

The construction of wind farms, solar stations and water treatment plants means that builders can do a lot of good for the health of our planet.

  1. Builders’ work can be a common topic of conversation

That can be without you even realising it. Just think of the large amount of public discussion that can often arise as the result of the construction of, say, a new theatre or university building.

  1. Their enthusiasm for building can date back to childhood

That’s why the Totaljobs website advises building as an area of work for people who still love making houses out of Lego

  1. You shouldn’t believe this common stereotype about builders…

These days, builders don’t consist of men clad in badly-fitting jeans and shouting on scaffolding.

  1. Instead, you should believe this about builders…

Builders actually face an environment which is challenging and fast-paced. Their work can sometimes even be dangerous.

  1. Still, the daily activity of builders can vary

It can vary depending on, for example, how specialised they are and their level of experience. Newcomers to building are unlikely to be given responsibility for huge building projects.

  1. Builders don’t need qualifications to their name

That’s because construction firms are more interested in employing builders based on their previous experience of building, rather than how well they did at school or university

  1. However, builders can still pick up various certificates

These certificates can be in specialist building skills including scaffolding, welding, concrete, and removal of hazardous waste. This waste includes asbestos and lead.

  1. Builders need to be in good shape

That means having good standards of personal health, fitness and, especially vitally, strength – as builders will be expected to regularly carry around heavy objects. So, don’t be surprised if any builder you really get to know also happens to have a gym membership…

  1. Builders can get cost estimates wonderfully quickly

For an accurate estimate of how much their next project should cost them, builders can turn to a specialist here at My Build Estimate. We are always delighted to help builders!

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