No Time? No Problem! How You Can Get an Online Building Estimate With A Cost-Effective Budget


If you are currently preparing to take on a construction project, you probably already have a vague idea of how much it's going to financially cost you. However, you don't want the nasty shock of embarking on the project only to realise that you have seriously underestimated how costly certain parts of that project are! Therefore, here are our tips for putting together a budget that can go further - and also advice for sourcing an online estimator for building costs.

How hands-on will you be?

Firstly, consider the extent to which you will do the building work yourself, rather than outsource tasks to professionals. There isn't a straight answer to the question of which method would save you more money - it could depend on your own experience and expertise in construction work.

For example, writing for The Guardian, finance journalist Donna Ferguson points out that a structural engineer can prevent you damaging your building, which would obviously save you the cost of repairing that damage. However, Michael Holmes, Homebuilding & Renovating magazine editor-in-chief, advises that, for an extension, you should take on some of the labour yourself, as labour costs will account for between half and two-thirds of a typical extension's budget.

Tread carefully if you intend to self-build

If you've decided that you will go more down the self-build route, then The Self Build Guide has advice for calculating how much money you will require. That advice includes reaching a ball-park figure, which will enable you to work backwards to figure out how much expenditure you can afford and assess your borrowing requirements.

If you already have a pre-determined budget that you are confident you can't grow, then it could be a good idea to judge what kind of building you could put together within that budget. This could possibly disappoint you, leading you to scale down your ambitions, or pleasantly surprise you and allow you to be more ambitious with your project. Either way, you can better make sure that your budget is cost-effective and doesn't fall short.

Getting a reliable building estimate from our company

Once you have followed these tips for making sure your budget can stretch further, you can then get what is likely to be a more accurate building costs estimate by making use of an external online building estimator. Turning to a specialist here at My Build Estimate can save you time - and, ultimately, money. So, what does this estimate-sourcing process involve?

To begin with, once you're on our website, fill in the relevant form with details concerning the estimate you are seeking. You can choose how speedily you would prefer us to finish the estimate. Then, via our secure online system, you can buy your estimate - after which point, we will email you with instructions for logging into your client area to upload your files. Once you have sent over those files, we will get to work, before emailing you again when the estimate is ready to download. Alternatively contact My Build Estimate to have a chat with our friendly team and discuss your project. Contact us now on 0800 369 8977 or

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