Who Are My Build Estimate? Our Story So Far…

Today, My Build Estimate are proud to be recognised as one of the UK’s leading professional building online estimators. Yet this success did not come overnight.

Join us, as we recount our journey from the very beginning to our status today as leaders in our industry. With a reputation for helping hundreds upon hundreds of builders, architects and more. To achieve unprecedented success with their construction projects.

A World Before My Build Estimate…

There once was a time when winning that next project meant toiling away for hours at a time. Surrounded by mountains of paperwork and up to your eyeballs in figures that just didn’t add up. All in the hope of getting that build estimate delivered on time.

More often than not, the results were less than impressive.

With your current projects taking top priority, you just didn’t have the time, nor the energy, to give that estimate the quote it deserved. Even when you did find the time, you felt much more confident on site than lumbered behind a desk, and couldn’t wait to get out of there.

Eventually, you would force yourself to finish, only to find there was something still lacking, something that failed to win you that game-changing contract or persuade the bank manager to grant you that all-important funding.

Those Days Are Long Gone…

Since My Build Estimate first arrived on the scene, increasing numbers of architects, contractors, project managers, and self-builders have been able to put those days behind them for good, and turn to us instead for an affordable, effective estimate which really produces results.

Originally attracted just to our simple, four-step process, our fast turn around time, and our industry leading prices, scores of our repeat clients tell us that what really keeps them coming back to us time and time again is our winning combination of unrivalled expertise and experience coupled with our excellent client service.

Years of Experience on the Front Line of the Construction Industry

For us, it’s that experience which really makes My Build Estimate stand out from the crowd.

Long before we dedicated ourselves to producing effective building estimates, our team of specialists worked in a wide range of roles right across the construction industry.

From quantity surveying and contract consultancy to project management and hands-on work on a broad range of residential and commercial projects; we didn’t come together to do what we do now until we had spent years on the front-line of the construction industry.

This gives us two unique advantages over our competitors:

  1. We’ve seen first-hand the kind of challenges your business faces in quantifying the equipment, labour, and materials needed to make your next project a success.
  2. We’ve been able to develop proven techniques for overcoming those challenges.

The Journey Continues…

Today, we use that experience in creating winning estimates at affordable prices for a diverse range of clients, including:

  • Building firms, contractors and sole traders
  • Architects and project managers
  • Builders merchants
  • Self-builders and home renovators.

Will yours be the next business to win that big contract ? Thanks to the professional estimating services provided by My Build Estimate? Contact us online or call 03304 048 526 now to find out just what we can do for you. Alternatively, order your estimate online today 

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