How are we different?

What sets My Build Estimate apart from other construction project estimators in the UK?

There are countless professionals out there who will tell you that the key to being a successful building estimator is having the right qualifications and a few years’ experience under your belt.

Here at My Build Estimate however, we believe that there’s so much more involved.

For us, what it really boils down to, is having both a genuine understanding of the obstacles you face in producing winning estimates, along with the expertise and passion for helping you to overcome those obstacles and achieve success.

It’s this passion that lies at the very heart of everything we do and which really helps us to stand out from the crowd in the highly competitive UK construction industry.


Fully Qualified Professionals Who Really Go The Extra Mile

Don’t get us wrong, we too believe that gaining a solid education is important, and to that end, we’re proud to say that all of our estimators are highly skilled and fully qualified to the highest standards.

Then again, so are many others.

So, when it came time to putting our team together, we knew that we needed something more if we were to develop the kind of reputation we have today as one of the UK’s leading estimating firms.

That’s why we chose to work only with top professionals who really care about helping our clients to get the results they need, all whilst delivering the kind of first rate expertise you’d expect from a company like ours.

Still, our passion for what we do isn’t the only way that My Build Estimate are different from your average UK building online estimators.

When you work with us, you’re working with a firm who are also:


Experienced in Working with A Broad Range of Industry Professionals and Self-Builders

You don’t have to be a major building firm to benefit from our professional service and passion for success. We’re equally as experienced in working with sole traders and building contractors as we are in assisting architects, builders merchants, and project managers.

Working on a big renovation project on your own property or finally getting round to building your dream home? We also work with self-builders to help you get the best possible value for your money.


Dedicated to Keeping the Estimating Process Simple

Whatever your role may be, there’s a few things you can expect from My Build Estimate that all of our clients have in common.

The first, is our famous four-step process, a carefully streamlined strategy designed to eliminate the hassles and complications.

Simply tell us what you need, purchase your estimate, upload your documents, and let us do the rest.


Committed to Delivering a Fast, Efficient Service

Once we’ve received everything we need from you, our team get right to work on producing an accurate estimate with a precision and efficiency that few others can match. As a result, we’re able to guarantee some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry, all without compromising the quality of our work.

Proud to Offer Industry Leading Prices on All Construction Project Estimates

Estimate delivery times aren’t the only things we do better than most. We also guarantee industry leading prices, with flexible cost structures for a range of different projects and bespoke solutions available where required.

Experience everything that makes My Build Estimate stand out from the crowd when you order your construction project estimate from us online. Alternatively, call us now on 03304 048 526 to discuss your requirements

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