A Day in the Life of a Construction Estimator

An exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at My Build Estimate

Ask most in the industry about the day-to-day work of a Construction Estimator, and chances are they’ll tell you that what we do is something akin to magic.

After all, to them, it probably seems that way.

They hand over their plans and drawings, go about their day, and before they know it, they’ve got a fully comprehensive estimate in their hands.

Sounds simple, right?

That’s because, on the surface, it is.

Look behind closed doors however, and you’ll see your construction industry cost planner working tirelessly to turn those original plans into an affordable, accurate, and effective estimate that ensures clients succeed in winning their next big project.

Today, that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

Join us, as we go behind the scenes at My Build Estimate for an exclusive look at the typical day in the life of a construction estimator.


7AM - Arrive at the Office for Another Busy Day

With our clients’ bid deadlines always close on the horizon and our service attracting a wealth of new customers in recent months, early starts are par for the course here at our headquarters in Northamptonshire.

At 7am, the lights are on, the coffee is brewed and the computers come roaring into life.

It's time to get started.


7.30AM - Wrapping Up Estimates and Delivering

By now we're ready to get right into the swing of things and have a number of estimates-in-progress wrapped up and sent over before our clients get to their inbox at 9am.

At any given time, we have a number of estimates at various stages, but it's always a satisfying feeling when we know we're ready to deliver a completed one.

Finishing these estimates usually means doing one last comprehensive check, ensuring that we've left no stone unturned, that all costs are accounted for, and that every last detail is 100% accurate.

Sometimes, it also means altering costs if we've managed to secure a lower quote from our network of suppliers, or changing a few details after a late night flash of inspiration reveals how we can help our clients to cut costs without cutting corners.


9AM - New Estimates Assigned a Designated Construction Estimator

Thanks to our online platform, builders, contractors, architects and self-builders can order their estimates whenever it’s most convenient for them.

As such, we can receive new orders at any time of the day or night. So, one of the first tasks in our day is always to process those orders.

To guarantee the highest levels of consistency and accuracy, we always guarantee that each estimate that our clients order from us is assigned its own designated building estimator.

This means clients always have a single point of contact for queries, and that there’s always one person who is 100% dedicated to a particular job.


10AM - On With Putting Together Accurate and Affordable Estimates

With those major priorities taken care of, it’s time to get on with the bulk of our work.

Depending on the job at hand, this could involve carrying out any number of vital tasks, including, but certainly by no means limited to:

  • Analysing client drawings and plans to get a solid understand of requirements.
  • Measuring by hand- we never use software- to come up with the most cost effective solution for the project.
  • Researching everything we need to know about the equipment, materials and labour to help us ensure that the estimate we're working on covers absolutely everything.
  • Talking to our huge network of suppliers, subcontractors and specialists to gather the best possible quotes.
  • Compiling all of the above into one complete construction estimate that can be easily understood.
  • Checking, proofing, and ensuring we've done everything we can to help our clients win their next projects or funding.


1PM - Keeping Up with Industry Innovations

As anyone working in construction will tell you, ours is an industry which truly never sleeps.

Day in, day out, companies introduce a seemingly never-ending array of innovative new tools, products and services designed to help those working both behind the scenes and on the front line to improve efficiency and performance.

So, even when we’re on our lunch break, the team here at My Build Estimate never really stop.

Instead, we’re working our way through the latest industry news, ensuring that we’re well up-to-date with what’s new. That way, we can better advise our clients and help them to produce the most competitive, cost-efficient estimates possible.


2PM - Back to Work

Though we pride ourselves on offering industry leading turnaround times, even we have to admit that creating an estimate from start to finish takes a lot of hard work.

That’s why we’re right back at it after lunch.

There’s suppliers to contact, labour costs to research, and calculations to be made.

Each one of those calculations must be checked and checked again to ensure 100% accuracy. Only when we’re convinced that we’ve got the best possible prices for our clients do we begin work on putting together the final estimate that we send over.


6PM - Industry Event

Just because we’ve left HQ for the evening, that doesn’t mean our work ends.

As we mentioned earlier, we work in an ever-evolving industry, so if we’re going to do the best job for our clients, we need to combine our years of expertise with an expert knowledge of the latest developments in the world of construction.

To do that, we attend industry events, networking with potential new suppliers and learning about the benefits of new materials.


8PM - A Word of Thanks

Just as we’re about to leave the event and head home for the evening, we find ourselves speaking to one of our regular clients.

He wants to thank us for all the help we’ve given him in helping his building contractor business grow over the last 18 months, and for continuing to do all we can to help him win new projects.

We’re always happy to receive kind words from our clients, but of course, we know we can’t rest on our laurels just yet.

After all, this will all begin again the moment the lights turn on at 7am tomorrow morning.


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