What Services Do My Build Estimate Offer?

How We Can Help You to Grow Your Business, Complete Your Self-Build Projects, and Achieve Results

Make no mistake about it, My Build Estimate’s reputation as one of the UK’s leading construction online estimator firms did not come overnight.

We only got where we are today thanks to our years of experience in working with scores of self-builders, home renovators, and hundreds of trade professionals from a broad cross section of the UK construction industry.

It was in carrying out this work that we developed our unrivalled expertise in:

  • Quantity Take Offs and Measurements
  • Cost Planning and Feasibility Appraisals
  • Estimates
  • Tenders
  • Construction contracts

How can we channel this experience and expertise in helping you with your next project?

Read on to find out…

Building Contractors

Let’s face it:

There are few things you dread more than working your way through a mountain of paperwork. Bashing furiously at a calculator in order to get that estimate complete. Especially since your last few efforts failed to win you any contracts.

You’d much rather be out on site. Overseeing your existing project whilst somebody else did all the hard work of helping you succeed in your next bid.

Yet that’s just not a feasible option either, is it?

As nice as it would be, you simply can’t justify the cost of paying an in-house estimator that you would only use every now and again.

Wouldn’t it be better if there was a third option?

There is:

At My Build Estimate, we work directly from your plans and drawings to create a fully comprehensive estimate that will prove effective in helping you win that next project, no matter how big or small it may be.

With us doing all the hard work, you’re free to concentrate on doing what you best; running your business from the front line.


As a top architect, you’re convinced that your latest design covers everything your clients asked for.

More than that, you’re certain that it will ultimately prove to succeed their every expectation.

There’s just one small problem:

When you present your big proposal, they come back to you with the one question you’ve been asked countless times before:

“Great, but how much is all this going to cost?”

That’s where we come in.

Our team of professional construction estimators will work with you to assess the feasibility of your designs.

We can advise on any necessary changes in order to meet your clients’ budget restrictions, and can even provide you with a fully itemised list of equipment, labour, and material costs.

Project Managers

Meanwhile, building project managers can use your fully detailed estimate to help you plan an efficient schedule, get an accurate list of costings, and ensure that your project is on time and on budget from start to finish.

Builders Merchants

Did you know that My Build Estimate do more than just provide fully in-depth estimates that cover every last little detail?

For those occasions when you’re tasked with getting the best possible value for your client’s money on materials only, we’re here to help.

With our affordable Materials Take Off service, we use the information you provide to create all of the following:

  • Materials schedule
  • Special items schedule
  • List of materials in build stage.

That being said, when your clients do turn to you for more than just materials, we can get to work on providing our usual estimating service, covering labour, equipment costs, profit margins and all those other vital details.

Self-builders and Home Renovators

Last but by no means least, you don’t have to be a big construction company to take advantage of My Build Estimate’s industry-leading prices and renowned five day turnaround.

Whether you’re planning to finally build that dream home, add that long-awaited loft conversion or breathe new life into your old property with a full scale renovation project, we’re here to help.

Having a complete estimate on hand before you start work can not only help you to assess the feasibility of your project and budget accordingly, but can also play a vital role in convincing the bank manager to release that all-important funding that you need to get the job done.

Whatever your role and whatever your next project, discover why we are one of the UK’s leading estimating firms by ordering your next build estimate directly online. Alternatively, to discuss your requirements, talk to our dedicated team now on 03304 048 526.

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