4 reasons why builders should use an estimating service

Save Time

Let’s be honest, it’s likely that you’re on site all day and the last thing you want to do when you get home from work in the evening, or on your weekend off, is to sit behind mountains of paperwork, pricing up work, which there’s no guarantee you’ll win.

Use an online estimator to save time for the important things in life, like family and friends- or even squeezing in an extra project to work on!

Save Money

As the saying goes, sometimes you need to speculate to accumulate!

If you price your own projects and appear far too expensive from the outset, it’s unlikely you’ll win the job. Equally, if you price too cheaply, your customers may think that your workmanship is inferior.

We provide competitively priced, job-winning estimates. Our team are highly skilled in finding the most up to date, accurate rates, so that you’re more likely to win the project over your competitors- you can just absorb our low fees into your final price!

Save Effort

You’re highly skilled in what you do, and so are we. If you’re not fully trained in producing fast accurate estimates like we are, it’s likely that creating a job winning estimate will require a lot of effort from your part. Save the aggravation- leave it to the professionals.

Appear professional

Our estimates are produced in two formats. Our excel version is fully editable so that you can update your labour and profit rates to suit your requirements. Our pdf version looks very professional using your own logos and details which you can send straight to your customer (they needn’t know that we’ve even been involved!)

If you would like help with a winning estimate, contact My Build Estimate today!

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