5 ways builders can win more work

Are you tired of producing tenders for a project, for you to not even get the job?

Let’s think about that for a moment, not only are you potentially losing valuable time by developing rapport with a client; you could lose money by not being able to be hands on with an existing project due to drowning in paper work.

5 ways builders can win more work

Here are our top 5 tips to avoid the headache and ensure you always win your tenders.

  • Don’t be too salesy

There’s a fine balance between doing enough to get the sale and being over the top and putting a potential client off.

Identify what makes you different from competitors and why your client should choose you over them. Provide a fast, accurate estimate and be realistic with your timescales for the job- that should be enough to set you apart in the first instance.

  • Get a good insight into your client’s requirements

Listening is key here, often in the construction industry clients have a problem they’d like a solution to, so it’s important to understand their needs and ease their pain.

Ensure that you price the job based on the outcome they would like- even if it’s slightly different to yours!

It’s important to minimise any objections here- after all construction work, particularly for homeowners, is a big deal both financially and emotionally. Be clear about how easy and risk free it is to move forward with the build- stick with being honest and you’ll be fine.

  • Get the price right

It’s important to get the price right, as it’s likely that other contractors may be bidding for the same work. Price too high and the client may go with someone cheaper. Price too low and the client may not trust you and you could hinder your profits.

  • Use a professional estimating service

The best way to strike the pricing balance is to use a professional estimating service such as My Build Estimate. Therefore using an online estimator service will save you the headache of doing paperwork and will ensure that your project is priced accurately with a clear labour, profit and materials split.

  • Do a good job & get a recommendation

This one’s a no brainer. In a world where no one books a hotel before checking trip advisor; reviews and testimonials are key.

If you have completed a job that you’re particularly proud of- take photographs to show future clients. If you have a client that has shown a lot of appreciation, ask them to write a review on social media or for your website. This will provide reassurance to potential clients that you will finish their project to a high standard.

If you would like help with a winning estimate, contact My Build Estimate today!

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