Why Pay More For Your Cost Estimate?

How working with a ‘cheap’ construction estimator could cost you far more than you realise.

So, you’ve recently found a cost estimating service that’s cheaper than My Build Estimate, and now you’re ready to switch over to them for your future projects.

At first glance, few would blame you.

After all, why pay more for an accurate cost estimate when there are other services out there promising a similar service for less?

Look a little closer, however, and you’ll soon discover the truth:

That ‘cheap’ service doesn’t offer as much value as you first thought, and is likely to end up costing you far more money than you could ever save by using it.

How do we know?

Because we’ve seen it happen time and time again.

Our team of expert estimators have been working in the construction industry for several decades. In that time, we’ve encountered dozens of competitors. In all likelihood, we’re probably even familiar with that very same ‘cheaper’ service that you’re planning to use.

The sad truth is, that for every cost estimator currently plying their trade, My Build Estimate have seen just as many go out of business because they lacked the experience and expertise needed to create the one result that clients like you look for more than any other:

Significant Cost Savings.

Whilst the main purpose of a cost estimate in construction may be to determine the cost of a project, assess feasibility, and assist with planning a budget, a truly effective estimate achieves so much more than the basics.

Namely, it empowers clients to achieve maximum results for minimal cost by identifying areas where significant savings could be made.

However, without the kind of unique, in-depth industry know-how that only comes with experience, a novice cost estimator simply does not know where to look to find those savings, nor how to integrate them into a project without compromising quality.

That in itself is hardly ideal, and could well mean that your project ultimately costs you far more than it needs to, negating any savings you may have made with a cheaper cost estimating service.

Thought that was bad enough? That’s actually the least that could go wrong.

When Cheap Construction Estimates Cost You Money

Recently, a client of ours decided to forgo the £250 we quoted him for an estimate, and instead pay just £150 to a cheaper service.

In the short-term, that £100 saving seemed like a good deal, but -just as they often do in these situations- things quickly went awry.

A simple miscalculation often overlooked by inexperienced estimators actually cost that client several thousand of pounds once it was revealed that the true cost of a certain material was far, far more than quoted on the estimate.

Suddenly, £100 didn’t seem like such a bargain after all.

My Build Estimate were able to step in on this occasion, and help make things right. Unfortunately, this was far from an isolated incident.

Over the years, My Build Estimates have worked with scores of clients who have come back to us after being burned by cheaper service providers who simply lack the expertise to deliver the high standards of service we provide.

How are My Build Estimate Different?

First of all, we don’t do ‘cheap.’

In the construction industry, ‘cheap’ is something you simply can not afford. Meeting building regulations, customer expectations, and revenue forecasts relies on one thing:

The highest standards of quality at every single stage of your project.

That includes your estimate. One simple mistake could cost you thousands. In our experience, it’s not that uncommon to see a project completely derailed by a poorly calculated estimate.

That’s why, at My Build Estimate, we make quality our top priority. There’s nothing ‘cheap’ about what we do. Instead,  we pride ourselves in providing an unrivalled level of service at prices which represent outstanding value for money.

Error-Free Estimating Guaranteed

Not only do we not do ‘cheap,’ we don’t do mistakes, either.

When you work with us, you’re working with a team of experts. Together we boast several decades of experience in helping clients save time and money on their construction projects.

Together, this team creates your estimate using our tried-and-tested two-step process.

From there, one of our senior estimators will review that document to ensure that there are absolutely no errors. Our senior reviewers will also ensure rather than costing you money from some simple mistake. Your estimate actually saves you money.

Discover even more benefits of working with an experienced cost estimator when you order your estimate online today. Still not sure if we can help you with your next project? Call to speak to a member of our team on 01604871803.

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