Why Pay a Professional Cost Estimator When I Can Create Estimates Myself?

How DIY estimating could cost you much more than you save.

Whether you're a self-building or a professional contractor, you already know that an accurate cost estimate plays a vital role in every project you work on.

What you can’t seem to figure out, however, is why you would ever want to pay a professional online estimator's fee to create that estimate.

After all, isn't estimating a simple enough process that you could easily do it on your own for free?

Not necessarily.

Sure, you could certainly put an estimate together, but without the in-depth industry knowledge that you only get through years of experience in pricing construction project, that document just isn't going to be as effective when it comes to winning those big contracts.Nor will it be all that helpful in keeping costs low and quality high.

Besides - if you're spending all your precious time on doing your own cost estimates, is it really free?


The True Cost of DIY Estimating

We've all heard the old adage that time equals money. Rarely is this any more true than in construction.

As a contractor, that time you spend ploughing through the paperwork is time you could be better investing in growing your business.

Think about it:

Where do your skills really lie? Stuck in an office pricing up projects or out there, winning new clients and bringing their plans to life on site?

It's the latter, isn't it?

Meanwhile, when you outsource your cost estimates to trained experts, you receive a service which no only frees up your time, but actually help you in taking your business to the next level.

You get to spend time out on site ensuring your clients are happy whilst at the same time, you also get an accurate, effective estimate designed to help you land that next big job.

This brings us onto the second major benefit of outsourcing to a professional online estimator.


Expert Estimates That Save You Money and Increase Your Profits

Working with My Build Estimate is like having your own in-house estimator, albeit with none of the excess expense and logistical problems involved.

We take the time to really understand your business and the way you operate so that we can tailor our service to suit you.

Only once you're 100% happy that we're on the same page do we start working right alongside you. Drawing on our years of experience, we put our expert industry know-how to work in producing accurate estimates that help you to win projects and identify significant cost savings.

As our existing clients will tell you, these savings typically add-up to more than the cost of the estimate itself, reducing in higher revenues and more long-term work.


To find out more about why you could save more money paying for a professional service than you ever could by doing your own estimating, call My Build Estimate today on 03304 048 889. Alternatively, order your estimate online today.

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