How Outsourcing Estimates Can Help You Grow Your Business

You’ve outsourced your accounting, you may have even outsourced your marketing, yet when it comes to putting together cost estimates, that’s one thing you simply can’t -or won’t- hand over to anyone else.

After all, you’ve always done your own estimates and business has been ticking along fine, so why bother paying anybody else to do it for you?

Because let’s be honest, when you first started your business, ‘ticking along’ wasn’t exactly what you had in mind, was it?

You had visions of a business that would grow and keep on growing, yet the more time you spend buried beneath that mountain of paperwork, the more you find yourself stuck in a rut.

The good news is that it’s not too late to make that growth happen.

Here’s just a few ways that outsourcing to a professional cost estimating service can prove to be the best investment you could make in the future of your business.

Start Winning More Work

When it comes to going out there and finding potential new projects, few can beat you. Networking, finding tender opportunities, making a pitch, you’re great at that part of things, but when it comes to actually sealing the deal, your track record leaves something to be desired.

More often than not, the only thing letting you down is that you struggle with putting together a competitive estimate.

In that respect, the benefits of outsourcing to an online estimator service are two-fold.

Not only does it free up your time and energy to focus on finding more work, but by relying on the experience and unique expertise of a professional estimator, you can present potential new clients with highly competitive estimates that actually empower you to win those big contracts.

Instantly Increase Profitability

Of course, taking your business to the next level means more than just winning more contracts.

Whilst taking on lots more work might be a good start, without actually increasing your profit margins, all that extra work is unlikely to move you past the ‘ticking along’ phase.

This is where outsourcing your estimates can really prove to be invaluable.

Thanks to their years of industry experience, your estimator will have developed both a unique network of suppliers and contractors, as well as the in-depth knowledge and insight into the challenges, opportunities, and best-practices that are most likely to make your project a success.

Putting the two together, they can create an effective estimate that not only lowers the cost to your clients, but also helps you to enjoy greater profits at the same time, all without compromising the quality of your work.

Boost Your Reputation and Client Relationships

Saving your clients money in this way can continue to help your business reap long-term rewards, even after the initial project comes to an end.

Think about it:

Everybody likes getting a good deal, and by proving that you can still deliver high-quality work at highly competitive prices, you’re providing with exactly that.

In the long run, this can only help you to build strong relationships with those clients that could well lead to more work down the line, especially when word gets around about your reputation.

That’s to say nothing of the benefits of presenting clients with a professionally-produced estimate, creating a strong image that speaks volumes about your business and the work that you do.

More Time, Less Stress

We’ve already agreed that outsourcing your estimates can free up your time to go out and win more work, but that’s hardly the only task demanding your precious time and attention, is it?

From managing your workforce to overseeing projects, dealing with the books or any number of other essential jobs, there’s so much to do that it can seem like an impossible challenge just to keep things at their current level, let alone take things up a notch.

Outsourcing your estimates significantly reduces the time, effort, and energy involved in managing those essential tasks, leaving you free to focus on what you really wanted to do all along – build a bigger, better future for your business.

Ready to reap the rewards of outsourcing your cost estimates and finally grow your business in 2018? Discover how My Build Estimate can help by calling us today on 01604871803 or order your estimate online now.

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