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How do I use an Online Estimator?

Using an online estimator couldn’t be easier. Complete the online form, have a quick conversation, receive your estimate. It sounds simple and it is. My Build Estimate is an online estimator helping builders, project managers, property developers, architects, builders’ merchants, and private clients. Providing accurate and cost-effective estimates, to save clients time and money, is extremely important in such a competitive market. So how do you use them?

There are usually a few ways to work with an online building estimator. You can call them and provide the details or email the information across. However, doing things this way usually requires more than one conversation and different forms of communication to get all the details across to get an estimate back.

Here at My Build Estimate, we provide an online solution in 5 easy steps. We have tailored our steps to ensure we obtain as much vital information from the start so that we can begin the process of providing efficient and accurate quotes. We will run through the simple steps here.

The first step is to get over to our online estimator tool on the My Build Estimate website. Then fill out the details. The first page asks you to let us know your first name, surname, email address, and telephone number. Why are these so important? Because we will need to contact you as part of the estimating process. There is a necessity to double-check information just in case anything get’s missed in descriptions.

The next step is to simply let us know who you are. By this, we mean whether you are an architect or project manager, a builder or contractor, property developer or builder’s merchant, or even a private client.

Then we ask you to let us know the turnaround time you need for the estimate to be provided. Whether you need it in 24 hours, 48 hours, or within the next 7 days. If you need a different timescale then let us know in the project description or give us a call.

Following this, the next step is to give us a description of the project. Let us know what type of building you require the estimate on, an extension, new build, conversion, etc. Provide us with some notes and information about the project. The more information you give then the better we can estimate. Next, we ask you to give us as many drawings as you can. The more accurate the drawings the more accurate we can quote. There are five attachment boxes for you to upload your drawings so you can give us plenty to use.

Once you submit the form as the 4th step, the 5th step is us getting in touch with you. With all the information you provide and a quick conversation, just to fill in any gaps and get a better understanding of the project, we can then produce an accurate estimate for the project to help you win that business.

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