How It Works

We Help You Save Time & Money

My Build Estimate have successfully produced thousands of estimates, saved clients hundreds of hours and millions of pounds. Our expert team of estimators are on hand to help you.

Our simple 5 step process:

1. Choose Your Service & Turnaround

Complete our form with details regarding your estimate, and choose how quickly you would like us to complete your build estimate.

2. Upload Your Drawings

Upload or email over your drawings and any other relevant information and we’ll start working on a fast price quote.

3. Receive a Quote

Once we've reviewed your information, we'll email you a quote on completing your estimate. 

4. Get an Order Confirmation

Once you agree to the price quote, we'll confirm your order and get right to work for you. 

5. Get Your Estimate!

Once your estimate is ready we'll email it to you with a full breakdown of material and labour costs, so you know exactly what you purchased and how the work was completed.

Get Accurate Estimates Within Your Budget

As online estimators we can save you time, money and effort with our build estimate service; we serve builders, contractors, architects, project managers, self-builders, and renovators. Get your estimate today!