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Our online estimator services aren’t just for the big construction companies with huge reserves of money. With the most competitive rates on the market and a guarantee to match any genuine like-for-like quote, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to enjoy the same kind of outstanding service as big companies.

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Creating an estimate doesn’t have to mean spending hours toiling away with the paperwork, nor does it mean paying expensive fees.
At My Build Estimate, an estimator online service, we provide fast, reliable building estimates at prices you can afford. Used effectively, your professionally produced estimate will help you to:

  • See a full, detailed breakdown of material and labour
  • Make informed decisions on the quotes provided by contractors or suppliers
  • Properly evaluate the budget prior to starting any works

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"What a fantastic job you have done!! I'm very happy with it! Thank you, thank you."

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"We have been successful on a number of projects using your services and we will certainly be using you again in the future."

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"We have worked with My Build Estimate on several occasions and I'm very pleased to say that they have always been very responsive, polite, and the quality of their work is excellent. They provide us with estimating services when we are swamped with work and have always done a good job. Will use them again."

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As online estimators we can save you time, money and effort with our build estimate service; we serve builders, contractors, architects, project managers, self-builders, and renovators. Get your estimate today!