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About Our Team

My Build Estimate is an online estimators who offer estimating services to builders, property developers, architects, private clients and builders merchants. More importantly, we aim to offer clients accurate and cost-effective estimating solutions that save clients time and money.

We build strong caring relationships with our clients which are based on trust, honesty, and synergy. Therefore we are a vital part of your business. Our team members are well trained and follow a systematic approach to estimating. The office culture is to achieve results, whilst working in a relaxed and fun environment with a collaborative approach to creating magic that gives financial security.

We’re proud of our growing team. Your call will be answered within 24 hours by our friendly in-house team (we never use external agencies!)  and your estimate will be completed within the time specified at the point of ordering, by our talented team of internal estimators and quantity surveyors.

Worker in the background installing new, three pane wooden windows in an old wooden house, with a new window in the foreground. Home renovation, sustainable living, energy efficiency concept.

We Are Your Key Partner

With our invaluable experience and resource pool, you can be sure you're in good hands.

Our goal is to become a key part of your core business by providing accurate, fast bid estimates that aid your growth and profitability.

We have decades of estimating experience and speak with our clients on a daily basis to ensure rates are correct and everything has been accounted for.

Get Accurate Estimates Within Your Budget

As online estimators we can save you time, money and effort with our build estimate service; we serve builders, contractors, architects, project managers, self-builders, and renovators. Get your estimate today!