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Introducing The MBE Construction Club!

A Facebook group where builders, construction business owners and developers can join us to discuss projects, support each other, provide direct assistance with rates, ask and answer technical questions and network with one another.

Benefits, Benefits, Benefits

Join today and receive a whole host of benefits:

  • Opportunity to network with other individuals within the construction industry;
  • Support each other’s projects and discuss ideas;
  • Get advice on rates and other services from other professionals;
  • Highlight upcoming projects/job opportunities where you require assistance;
  • Win and secure potential new projects;
  • Ask and answer technical questions with other members of the club;
  • Invaluable community support for solo workers and business owners too;
  • Exclusive access to monthly giveaways.

Ultimately, you get out as much as you put in! We encourage our members to get involved and ask any questions they need assistance with.

Join The Club For Free

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