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We know how important it is to find an online estimator service that delivers real value. That’s why our team of experts go the extra mile to produce the best possible results.

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Who Can Benefit From Our Services?

Our team has experience providing estimates for various people in the construction process. Whether you are the property developer or the builder, we are here to provide you with accurate estimates before starting your project.


I am a Builder

Get an accurate and detailed estimate using your labour and material rates.

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I am an Architect

Whether you are looking for a costed document for negotiation purposes or a document for tendering purposes, we can save you time and money.

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Property Developer

I am a Property Developer

Enjoy the most competitive rates on the market and a guarantee to match any genuine like-for-like quote.

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Builder's Merchant

I am a Builder's Merchant

You can exclude unwanted materials and labour for an accurate estimate tailored exclusively to your client.

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I am a Homeowner

Save time, money and hassle through detailed cost plans, from a Budget Cost Plan to a Schedule of Works.

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We’re Dedicated To You

We’ve worked with builders, property developers, architects and project management professionals across the UK, helping them offer a detailed breakdown of their project. This saves our clients time and money and ensures their project runs smoothly.

  • Assess whether your designs will be feasible and affordable
  • Receive several different options to determine which is best suited to your project
  • See a full itemised list of everything involved

Minimising Your Costs

Creating an estimate doesn’t have to mean spending hours toiling away with the paperwork, nor does it mean paying expensive fees. At My Build Estimate, we provide fast, reliable building estimates at prices you can afford. Used effectively, your professionally produced estimate will help you to:

  • See a full, detailed breakdown of material and labour
  • Make informed decisions on the quotes provided by contractors or suppliers
  • Properly evaluate the budget prior to starting any works

Only Include What You Need

If you or your customer don’t yet need a full estimate for labour, tool hire, profit margins or any other details that come as standard with the above service, then we can offer an accurate take-off estimate for materials only. Working with the details you provide, we’ll put together:

  • Schedule for materials
  • Schedule for special order items
  • Materials list in the build stage

Our Promise To You

Our estimating services are highly regarded for their ability to lower costs, minimise wasted time and give you an accurate estimate that avoids underestimation.

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