Project Manager & Architect Cost Plans

Through a tailored project manager or architect cost plan, you can deliver a detailed breakdown to clients, building trust and winning more contracts.

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Our cost plans have saved our clients millions of pounds!

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What Is A Cost Plan?

As an architect or project manager, a cost plan will allow you to define all costs associated with the project in question, considering the scope of works and timeline. It can be used as an add-on service for your company; for example, if a client approaches you for drawings, you can offer them an additional cost plan service – this is where we will come in.

The document, created bespoke by our team, will account for every element necessary to roll out the project, from quantities and units to rates and totals, offering huge value to your clients. It will allow them to determine whether they will fall within budget and build trust with your company based on transparency.

Our Cost Plan Services

With extensive experience working on projects of all scales, our team are highly skilled in delivering the following services:

Budget Cost Plan

A Budget Cost Plan is ideal if you are only at the planning stages and want a rough indication of costs before getting building regulation drawings. The document is based on the average market rates and is similar to a Full Cost Plan, just not as broken down.

Schedule Of Works

A Schedule Of Works is a detailed document that you can send out to your contractors, who will then price. The document will contain a summary of works with a grand total and break down each element of the works into sub-sections, making it suited for tendering purposes.

Bill Of Quantities

A Bill Of Quantities is very similar to a Schedule of Works; the only difference being is that we provide the quantities, not the builder. The benefit of this is the contractor will only need to put their prices into the document, whereas with the Schedule Of Works, they will be required to put their own quantities and prices in.

Full Cost Plan

A Full Cost Plan is a detailed costing with all the build elements broken down and can be used at the tender analysis stage. It is hugely beneficial as the document can be compared with quotes obtained from builders/contractors.

Our costs are based on the average market rates for a comprehensive builder, putting you in a better position when negotiating the best price for your project. The Cost Plan will come in a PDF document ONLY and cannot be used for tendering purposes as it will not have the correct qualifications/exclusions.

Express 24-hour cost plans available.

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Why Is A Cost Plan Important?

Ensuring that your clients feel 100% confident in their project costs is imperative. Through the highly accurate build cost plans delivered by our team, you can provide a detailed breakdown, saving clients time and money while helping you to generate more work.

Our accurate cost plans will allow you to:

  • Assess whether your designs will be feasible and affordable
  • Make any changes to your plans if needed to help meet budget restrictions
  • See a full itemised list of everything involved

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