Building Success: Mastering The Art Of Sales In Construction

Tuesday 12th March 2024, 5pm-6pm


Meet Our Speaker, Parm Bhangal

  • Multi-award-winning entrepreneur.
  • Over 15 years of experience in the construction industry.
  • Founder of several highly successful businesses.
  • Specialist in systems and processes.

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    Drive Leads, Maximise Conversions & Boost Revenue

    The construction industry can be an incredibly competitive market, meaning that a good sales strategy is essential for the growth, sustainability and success of your business. But how do you differentiate yourself from others? Adapt to changing market conditions? All while ensuring a return on investment? Let us show you how.

    During our FREE one-hour webinar, we will guide you through creating, implementing and continuously improving a sales strategy that aligns directly with your goals. You will leave our session with a toolbox of knowledge that can be actioned the moment you get back to the office.

    You Will Learn How To:

    • Define your ideal target audience
    • Develop an effective, scalable sales strategy
    • Qualify leads, nurture your prospect and overcome objections
    • Successfully close a sale and measure your results
    • Continually improve your sales processes
    • Build long-term relationships with clients